A new modern home rises out of the hills of Barcelos, Portugal, fit within the hill’s slope and overlooking the town below.  The Private House by Rui Grazina is minimal both outside and in, with white walls and black accents throughout.


While the focus for this home’s design is on simplicity, its contemporary styling makes a strong statement.  The descent from the access road provides a stunning view of this home’s sculptural nature, while the rear and sides are more discreet.  The upstairs section includes floor-to-ceiling windows at its front, blocked private sections in the rear and a raised patio for taking in the Portuguese environment.


The bottom floor is open to the yard beyond as the hill continues sloping to the town below.  From our perspective, this home is a solid success in simplicity, an ideal way to merge with the hilly nature of the world around it.   [via archdaily]

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