Design can have a commanding influence in retail, one that communicates brand values while providing a memorable shopping experience.  Run Colors, a growing sneaker store in Poland, tapped Mode:lina Architekci to give shape to a new retail environment in Poznań.  The designers at Mode:lina delivered a stunning store layout, characterized by a rainbow of colorful cables that run from the front to the back of the store.  These lines, inspired by the laces in the Run Colors logo and the shoes they sell, make for a sleek and stylish retail environment.

Beyond the colors of the geometrically-aligned cable accents, the only other colors shown in the Run Colors retail store are the products themselves.  The walls, the shelving units, the check-out desk and the furniture are all a muted black in color.  This makes the product and the lace accents the most memorable part of a customer’s visit, as their eyes are guided from shoe-to-shoe, shelf-to-shelf.

The Run Colors Sneaker Store in Poznań is the second for this sneaker retailer after their Warsaw flagship.  Run Colors features limited-run lines of Nike, Adidas, New Balance and more both in store and on their online retail outlet.  Props to Mode:lina for another success in design, and best of luck for continued growth for Run Colors.




Run-Colors-Sneaker-Store-by-Modelina-Architekci-5via: The Coolist