Check out this wonderful resort in the Maldives. Ayada Maldives is a brand new luxury resort located amidst a pristine reef within the southern rim of the Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll in the southern Maldives, 268 miles south of the capital Male. The island based resort occupies approximately 15 hectares of undisturbed and indigenous vegetation and offers uninterrupted views of the breath taking Maldivian landscape. Ayada Maldives is committed to providing all visitors an authentically luxurious journey of the very finest on offer in the Southern Maldives.

Given Ayada Maldives’ unique location within the central region of the reef, the island is surrounded by long stretches of white sandy beaches and a crystal clear shallow lagoon; an ideal setting to simply relish the uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean or to discover an myriad of exceptional and abundant marine life.

Ayada Maldives has been developed by the Aydeniz Group from Turkey. Founded in 1975 by civil engineer Ahmet Aydeniz, the Aydeniz Group’s primary focus was to be a leading player within Turkey’s construction and contracting sector. With the sheer perseverance and dedication of its valued employees since inception, coupled with the working discipline guided by the company principles set out by Ahmet Aydeniz, the group has consistently progressed through the decades and has expanded its operations immensely. Today, the Aydeniz Group is honored to have become a global organization with over 1500 dedicated individuals and numerous investments in the construction, tourism, food & agriculture and stockbreeding sectors.



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