Next summer, astronauts aboard the International Space Station will tuck into meals like lobster and celeriac puree, duck confit with capers and chocolate cake prepared by French chef Alain Ducasse.

Instead of freeze-dried soups, vegetables and meats, space travelers will fete special occasions such as team changeovers and space walks with a fine dining meal developed by the French chef tita.

The final menu was decided upon by the astronauts themselves who selected 25 dishes including French lobster served with celeriac puree, organic quinoa with seaweed; duck confit garnished with capers, and a chocolate cake.

Some of the meals will be consumed on terra firma during the astronauts’ training, while others will be sent on the next space mission in June of next year.

Ducasse also enlisted French paté and canning company Hénaff to package the 2,000 meals which will be served in sterilized, ultra-light aluminum boxes.

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