After inhalable vitamins and caffeine, a gourmet tea shop in London has created breathable tea that’s supposed to deliver antioxidant properties more quickly to the bloodstream.

Created by Camellia’s Tea House and spotted by trend hunter Springwise, the vaporized tea experience was demonstrated at the Experimental Food Society Spectacular 2013 this month, a group that fronts creative, culinary pioneers and “food magicians.”

For the breathable tea, the beverage was vaporized and served as a smoky gas which testers could inhale through a straw — an alternative tea experience billed as a way to avoid burned tongues and deliver the drink’s health benefits more effectively.

Camellia’s Tea House describes itself as an artisanal shop where loose leaf teas are hand blended. Opened by a sister and brother duo with combined backgrounds in homeopathy and molecular biology, the tea boutique takes a therapeutic approach to its custom blends.

The tea is the latest in inhalable goods. Harvard professor and entrepreneur David Edwards invented products like Le Whif and AeroShot with the aim of delivering instant hits of vitamins and caffeine.

Camellia's Tea House

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