Nespresso have released the Crealto Limited Edition. The Limited Edition is a one-off unique blend outside the brand’s collection of 16 permanent Grands Crus.

Crealto was created by Nespresso Green Coffee Specialist Alexis Rodriquez, who took his inspiration from Michelin-starred Chef Mauro Colagreco’s unique application of longroasting techniques at low temperatures.

The beans for this limited edition were simmered three times longer than average roasting times to extract the best aromas and flavors, resulting in a rich, nutty coffee.

The name Crealto stems from the combination of “Createur” and “Alto”, referencing the alta cucina (high gastronomy). With an intensity of 8 – on a scale of 1-10 – and blended entirely from washed Arabicas, Crealto has a rich aroma to be savoured.

The white capsules in the Crealto edition are adorned with brown streaks to evoke the way chefs decorate their coffee creations.

Crealto is best served as an espresso (40 ml) but can also be enjoyed as a milk recipe. Add a drop of milk to Crealto and it will release subtle nutty aromas – while for those who prefer a cappuccino, notes of wild nuts are revealed.

Chef Mauro also created four coffee recipes for Nespresso Club Members building these around the unique character and tasting profile of the Crealto Grand Cru.


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