Are you thirsty just looking this stunning bottle of water?

You’re right because new Evian Haute Couture Bubble Bottle, dressed by internationally acclaimed French designer Jean Paul Gaultier, is really sublime!

But catching one of these objet d’art may be more difficult because only 5 five unique and exclusive bottles for 2009 have been created worldwide.

They will travel to capital cities around the globe to be exhibited and, to this end, the collection will be returned to France in March to be auctioned off to raise funds for the RAMSAR convention, whose work for wetland preservation.

“Jean Paul Gaultier has consistently pushed the boundaries of fashion.”

He is revolutionary in his craft, yet always maintains an air of elegance and class in his designs” said Lauren Kinelski, Public Relations Manager for Evian North America

“In this regard, Gaultier was the perfect fit for Evian. Gaultier has transcended the runways of France to become a household name worldwide, much in the same way that Evian has expanded its presence throughout the globe, ascending from a natural spring water in the French Alps enjoyed by the locals to being one of most favored drinking waters on earth.”

If you want to see the Haute Couture “Bubble” Bottle you should know that the stunning collection will begin its tour through the most elite of Manhattan’s restaurants, hotels, and retailers (Soho Grand Hotel, Buddha Bar and Bagatelle Restaurants) and the luxury retailer Bergdorf Goodman will be the debut’s U.S. location.

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