World-renowned Spanish chef Ferran Adria on Friday announced he would open a new restaurant in Barcelona with his brother, although it would be less sophisticated than his emblematic eatery ElBulli.

“There will be a place to eat by Ferran and Albert Adria in Barcelona,” he told the TV3 channel in Spain’s northeastern Catalonia region.

The new establishment with his brother, a pastry chef, “will be a place to go with friends,” the avant-garde chef said. He gave no indication when it would open.

But he said it will have little in common with elBulli, which Adria announced earlier this year is to close in 2012 and then reopen as a non-profit foundation in 2014.

“The cuisine of elBulli will never leave elBulli,” he said.

elBulli, on Spain’s northeastern Catalan coast, last year came top of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list for the fourth year in a row following a poll of more than 800 chefs, and industry insiders for Britain’s Restaurant Magazine.

However this year it slipped to number two behind the Noma restaurant in Copenhagen.

Adria and British chef Heston Blumenthal of The Fat Duck outside London have since the late 1990s rocked the world of gastronomy by using science to “deconstruct” and rebuild food in what has been termed “molecular cuisine.”

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