Natural Machines, a Spanish start-up, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a 3D printer devoted entirely to food.

The Foodini – which is in theory capable of printing any dish – has already demonstrated its ability to produce pizza, brownies, burgers and other dishes.

It has empty capsules that users will fill with raw or cooked ingredients according to the recipe. The machine then takes care of the rest, ensuring that each ingredient is properly dosed and added in exactly the right place.

According to the company behind the project, the resulting dishes will conserve the flavor and freshness of the ingredients used.

The company aims to raise $100,000 via kickstarter so that it can launch production of the Foodini. Those who donate more than $2,000 will be at the top of the list to receive one of the first machines, which will be delivered from October 2014 if everything goes according to plan.

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