Two international delicacies caviar and escargot (snails) have birthed a new trend in French luxury gastronomy that is captivating international chefs: escargot caviar also known as snail caviar/eggs.

Snail eggs are more akin to Japanese salmon roe than traditional caviar, as they are larger and plumper.

The taste is described as one-of-a-kind on various gastronomy forums, some compare the flavor to endangered sturgeon caviar.

France and Japan are the leading markets but the United States is taking notice.

Celebrity chefs, such as Andrew Zimmern, are talking up snail caviar in travel food shows.

snail caviar

The escargot eggs are considered an exclusive, luxury food because they are farmed and quite rare given that one snail, over the course of a year, produces only 4 grams of eggs.

A kilo is sold to chefs for €1,200 and takes about 260 snails to produce; consumers can purchase 50 grams for about €80.

There are various retailers worldwide selling snail caviar, a few include: Harrods in London, Hediard and La Grande Epicerie in Paris, Boucherie du Molard and Lyzamir in Geneva, Loegismose in Denmark, Plantin in the USA, House of Caviar in the Netherlands.

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