Soon you’ll be able to pay $15 for a bottle of Glace Rare Iceberg Water taken straight from an iceberg in Greenland.

“It is so tasteless that it actually creates a taste,” according to Ron Stamp, the man behind Glace Rare Iceberg Water.

“There’s so many waters (on the market) and icebergs are the only water still on the planet that’s in its true, original form because it’s been frozen for millennia.

It predates man and doesn’t have any man-made pollutants in it and it’s the largest source of freshwater.

Stamp further said that the water is like a fine wine you wouldn’t drink every day but on special occasions.

A crew of eight people aboard a 44-metre vessel will depart for Greenland in a couple of weeks to harvest more ice.

He said Greenland is more convenient than Canada to gather ice because icebergs there come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Via Vancouversun

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