Attention Hello Kitty fans: Your favorite feline, whiskered, cartoon (non-cat) character now has her own restaurant in Hong Kong.

At the recently opened Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine restaurant in Kowloon, fans can order 37 menu items that bear the character’s trademark bow, whiskers, ears and moon-shaped face.

After years of negotiating with Sanrio, the Japanese company that owns the brand, restaurant owner Man Kwong won the rights to open a Hello Kitty-themed restaurant this year for the legions of fans in Hong Kong.

Hello Kitty Hong Kong Restaurant

Favorite dim sum items like dumplings and steamed buns are dressed in pink bowties dyed using beetroot juice, while her beady black eyes are created using squid ink.

Hello Kitty Dim Sum

Nests of noodle baskets shaped in the silhouette of Hello Kitty cradle shrimp and vegetables while stir-fried noodles are adorned with a deep-fried noodle bow and portions of rice are given whiskers, eyes and a green bean or carrot bowtie.

Hello Kitty Kowloon Restaurant

Every menu item has been tested and approved by Sanrio executives. The Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine restaurant opens officially June 1.

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