Wild Caviar has almost vanished from face of the Earth and the privileged few that are still able to enjoy its delicacy are hit where it hurts most, their wallets.

However, Caviar Azovka hopes to revive the rare treat through their precise farming and a strong ambition.

“Most of the countries, and their historic producers of Caviar, have had to ban exportations of wild Caviar so as to protect the Sturgeon species and ensure its survival.”

“I got interested into Farmed Caviar and started to search farms and Sturgeon fish breeding sites, especially in France, Gironde Area, all around the Caspian Sea and in Northern China; which are all famous locations for the raising of the Sturgeon species.

The selection of few, very special farmers resulted in the creation of the brand Caviar Azovka” Olivier Besson, founder of Caviar Azovka, explained.

Although farmed, Caviar Azovka guarantees excellence. “All steps of breeding are controlled to ensure the quality and taste of our Caviar.

From species selection to preparation of the eggs, through to larvae union and raising any Sturgeon in open waters, our farmers’ expertise is definitely our finest asset” says Olivier.

Caviar production starts with the selection of the individual fish. There are 24 different kinds of Sturgeon fish that produce the eggs known as Caviar.

Amongst the most famous types, Caviar Azovka specifically selects the Siberian Huso Dauricus (also known simply as the Beluga), Mongolian Schrenckii, Acipenser and Russian Gueldenstaedtii (commonly referred to as the Ossetra).

After selection, the second pre-requisite that Caviar Azovka look at is the raising environment. “When talking about farmed Caviar, most people see closed pools.

At Caviar Azovka, we only select farms that raise sturgeons in sea-water and/or river-water, in relative freedom. That is a key point in the breeding process” states Olivier.

The third and final key success of Caviar Azovka is in the egg preparation stage. The company acquired the expertise of the Iranian Caviar Master, who personally handles the preparation of each and ever egg.

The opening of the female Sturgeon, the cleaning, salting and canning of the eggs are all safely in the hands of his 40 years of experience.

Caviar Azovka operates both direct sales to individuals and to professional businesses. They have already been selected to provide Caviar for the tasting menu of the famed 3 star ‘Michelin’ restaurant found at the Four Seasons hotel in Caprice.

In Hong Kong, ‘Spoon’ at the Intercontinental hotel and the Shangri-La over on Kowloon have requested Caviar Azovka’s produce for their exquisite dishes.


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