The war on foie gras continues, as Israel is poised to become the latest jurisdiction to ban the import and sale of the French delicacy.

In an early show of overwhelming support, 59 members of the Knesset threw their backing behind the bill this week in a preliminary reading, versus 10 opposition votes, reports the Jerusalem Post.

The production of foie gras was banned in Israel about a decade after being deemed abusive.

Should the bill pass first, second and third readings, Israel will become the next jurisdiction to ban the trade of foie gras after the state of California, which became goose-liver free last year —  a controversial move that continues to divide animal rights activists, chefs and gourmands.

The California ban spurred foie gras benders before the law was enforced last summer and has also created a black market for the delicacy.

The proposal in Israel was made in collaboration with animal rights groups, Anonymous for Animal Rights,  who charge that the geese are cruelly force-fed in order to fatten their livers.

“I believe that this law will not only contribute to animals but also to Israel’s image in the world,” said bill author MK Dov Lipman. “It’s time to eliminate this soul corrupting food from Israel.”

Animal rights groups have scored other victories against foie gras. Last year, the House of Lords in the UK banned foie gras from its in-house restaurant The Barry Room, while Harvey Nichols also took it off its menu after succumbing to mounting pressure from animal rights groups in 2010.


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