Lonely Planet has announced plans to expand their travel-related food coverage with the release of a new cookbook series that aims to transport readers around the world via their taste buds.

For the series, dubbed “From the Source,” Lonely Planet dispatched local food writers in destinations such as Italy and Thailand to scour their countries for nine months in search of the authentic recipes that have come to define their local gastronomic landscape.

That includes tracking down the families who invented popular recipes, as well as the communities who are keeping their local culinary heritage alive.

From the Source: Italy” for example, features the authentic, classic Bologna recipe for tagliatelle al ragu; a pizza portafoglio from Naples; and hand-rolled orecchiette from Puglia.

In “From the Source: Thailand,” readers taste the distinct flavors of the country with recipes like sour pork stir-fried with egg in the north, classic green curry from central Thailand, and sour orange curry with fish and papaya to the south.

The Italy and Thailand editions will be published September 1 for $24.99.

Up next in the series are books on Spain and Japan, which will be published in August 2016.

From The Source Thailand

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