In April 2009, Louis Vuitton installed a trio of beehives on the roof of its Parisian headquarters. Since then the hives have welcomed as many as 200,000 bees.

Hives installed in the middle of a city can actually yield up to four times the amount of honey those in the country produce according to French beekeepers association.

Two years later, the buzzy guests have gathered 75kg of nectar and produced enough honey that Vuitton decided to bottle the fruits of its apiculture.

The product is called La Belle Jardinière and says in fine print at the bottom of the label, “Produit a Paris par Louis Vuitton” (Produced in Paris by Louis Vuitton).

La Belle Jardiniere will be distributed as a gift to friends of Vuitton.

Source: Elle – Planetluxus

Louis Vuitton beehives

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