Naora is the latest Limited Edition coffee from Nespresso – a one-off unique blend outside the company’s collection of 16 permanent Grands Crus.

Nespresso introduces a Limited Edition three times a year for a short period of time, offering Club Members an exciting new taste experience and underlining the company’s expertise within the industry.

Naora is a medium bodied coffee with a light bitterness, juicy acidity and an intensity ranking of 5 on a scale of 1 – 10.

Combining high quality pure Arabica beans from regions of Colombia renown for their mild, sweet notes, the area’s ideal climate increases Naora’s aromatic components, giving it a more delicate balanced taste and a finer texture.

Its long maturation makes its unusual complexity possible, allowing it to develop notes reminiscent of wild blackcurrant and blueberry.

Naora is best served as an espresso (40ml) but can also be enjoyed as a milk recipe, creating a gentle armony with hints of walnut and hazelnut.

To celebrate the launch of Naora and further delight the senses of coffee lovers, Nespresso has launched two limited edition Premium Espresso Cups and saucers.

Designed by French designer Christian Ghion, the elegant porcelain cups are decorated by Creative studio Onze Dixième.

Featuring the branch of a coffee tree with over-matured cherries, the drawings symbolise the late harvest process, as the coffee beans transfer their unique aromatic notes to the coffee in the cup.

Naora Espresso Cup Set

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