Noma has opened an online store that will sell the Japanese-designed chopsticks, forks, bowls and plates used during its pop-up event in Tokyo.

Fans who couldn’t score a seat during the Danish restaurant’s five-week residency at the Mandarin Oriental this month can buy a piece of the experience from their newly opened online store.

In preparation for the temporary takeover of the hotel’s dining room, Noma chef René Redzepi commissioned 14 local Japanese artists, potters and chefs to create locally sourced tableware for his pop-up.

The result is a collection of artisanal and eye-wateringly pricey earthenware plates and bowls and organic lacquer forks and spoons.

A single pair of chopsticks is priced at $65 USD, while a single fork or spoon will set you back $200 USD.

The collection was co-curated by designer Sonya Park, also the creative director of design brand Arts & Science in Tokyo.

The pop-up event in Tokyo ends this week.

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