French designer Philippe Starck has opened the doors to his latest project in Paris, a restaurant set within one of the biggest flea markets in the world.

Ma Cocotte, which is used as a term of endearment (“my hen”) and likewise means “pot” in French, opened earlier this month in the Saint Ouen flea market at the northern edge of the city, a seven-hectare site that attracts throngs of tourists and locals alike looking to take a tour of the past and give rare, antique finds a new home.

Calling the project the realization of a childhood dream, Starck, a Paris native, describes the eatery as a “bowl,” the type of place that evokes images of a “bowl of hot soup, a bowl of steaming coffee, a bowl of fragrant tea, a bowl of wine…”

In the kitchen will be chef Yannick Papin, who helms the restaurant Bon. The menu is described as classic Parisian dishes revisited, at prices that range from €20 to €60.

Inspired by its historic setting, the restaurant straddles the world of vintage antiques and sleek modernity with a stainless steel open kitchen and the warmth of old photos, books and eccentric one-off showpieces.

The 1,000-square meter restaurant seats 250 and is divided between an industrial loft and two terraces. Ma Cocotte is located near Marché Serpette.

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