In a ranking that’s sure to get patriotic barbecue fiends in the US all fired up, the state of Tennessee has been named the best in the US, according to the number crunchers over at TripAdvisor.

Based on the number and quality of reviews for the top-rated barbecue restaurants across the US, TripAdvisor has concluded that the odds of finding swoon-worthy grilled and slow-cooked meats are highest in Tennessee, followed by Texas and Missouri.

Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que

In Memphis, barbecue capital of Tennessee, a pitmaster is only as good as their pulled pork. Ribs come typically either ‘wet’ or ‘dry,’ marinated in spice rubs that include garlic and paprika, served with a tangy tomato sauce. Likewise, pork is the meat of choice over beef.

Bogart’s Smokehouse

Meanwhile, the highest-rated barbecue joint in the whole of the U.S. of A is Joe’s BBQ in Blue Ridge, Georgia, which slow-cooks their meat over hickory wood.

Reuben’s Smokehouse

TOP 10 states for barbecue

1. Tennessee
2. Texas
3. Missouri
4. North Carolina
5. Georgia
6. Florida
7. South Carolina
8. California
10. New York

Andy Nelson’s Southern Pit BBQ

TOP 10 barbecue restaurants in the US

1. Joe’s BBQ – Blue Ridge, Georgia
2. Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que – Kansas City, Kansas
3. Bogart’s Smokehouse – Saint Louis, Missouri
4. Reuben’s Smokehouse – Fort Myers, Florida
5. Andy Nelson’s Southern Pit BBQ – Cockeysville, Maryland
6. Captain’s BBQ – Palm Coast, Florida
7. HogsHead Café – Richmond, Virginia
8. Buck’s Smokehouse – Destin, Florida
9. Franklin Barbecue – Austin, Texas
10. Pappy’s Smokehouse – Saint Louis, Missouri

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