The highest restaurant in the world opened its doors in Dubai January 23, promising “the world’s best dining out experience.”

Occupying the 122rd floor of Dubai’s enormous Burj Khalifa tower, At.mosphere is the latest record-breaker from the Emirate, which doesn’t seem to have lost any of its confidence following last year’s economic collapse.

Guests can dine on fresh products, while admiring a view more akin to that from an airplane window than a restaurant, some 442 meters from the ground.

At the top of a 57-second elevator ride, the restaurant is split into two levels, a top-notch grill which offers grilled, broiled or baked options, and the At.mosphere lounge which “serves as an ideal stopover for a light lunch or even an afternoon tea.”

House specialities recommended by At.mosphere’s executive chef Dwayne Cheer include foie gras and beef tartare, but don’t think that’s all you’ll be having.

Tthere’s reportedly a minimum spend of Dh450 (€90) per person in the restaurant and Dh200 (€40) in the lounge.

Dubai opened the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, early last year, only to close it again after a month because of a problem with the elevators.

When it reopened in April, buzz among the initial guests was split between the views from the 124th-floor observation deck and the prospect of a night in the world’s first Armani Hotel, which opened its doors with much fanfare April 27.

With the new restaurant, Dubai hopes to prove that despite its recent financial troubles, it can still offer unparalleled luxury to those who can afford it.

Atmosphere restaurant Dubai

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