The #VanLife phenomenon is all the rage lately, a fascination with conversion vans built to take adventurers into the wild. While expensive, adventure vans offer a whole lot more than a regular RV, after all, you can convert anything with wheels into a tiny home?if you have the capital. Professional freeride mountainbiker Rob Heran has been a long-time vanlifer, he bought a T3 Syncro Van back in 2017 to start a long conversion process and create is dream adventuremobile. The engine has been replaced by a modern 120hp TDI, the interior rebuilt, all doors, roof and side panels were replaced, LED lights and new instruments were installed, two new batteries, new chargers and a mobile 100-watt solar panel were installed, and Recaro seats were fitted for comfort whilst traveling thousands of miles on and off the road. He also made a Heimplanet inflatable tent fit onto the roof rack, and built huge mobile ramp to attach to the van and jump his bike wherever he desires. watch the video below

You can follow Rob and is adventures on his awesome blog “The Syncronicles?

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