The Alu-Cab Canopy Camper
is an interesting option you should check if you are the owner of a 4×4
and wish to upgrade it to something more specific such as a small RV.
This company came up with a series of possibilities to convert your
vehicle into something that will fully adjust to your needs, be it in
terms of payload, organizing your cargo space or setting up a roof top
tent should you want one. You may choose it to be made from high
resistance synthetic fabric to ensure weight stays low, or form a more
durable material that will ensure both durability and thermal
insulation, it is up to you to define it. This South-African company has
millions of offrad miles, plus days and nights spent in the wild in
harsh conditions that ensure road test, quality, and that provided them
with the experience and know-how to be the top dogs in this market
niche. Don?t worry about the fact that they are in South-Africa, they
have dozens of dealers worldwide, including around 13 in the US.

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