Buzzraw X is a
querky yet attractive e-bike that is about to be launched in the market
and has some cool features along its peculiar design. It?s kind of
retro inspired because of its straight frame and double generous seat,
and the bulky tyres give it a nice and fashionable scrambler look
inviting you to some off road incursions? This model has tree options, a
classic pedal version, or two power outputs, the 250W model capable of
25 km/h and a range of up to 45 km (28 miles), with a full power
charging time of around 5 hours for its Li-Ion batteries to feed its 36V
brushless engine. The other 750W model uses a 48V brushless engine
capable of a higher top speed but about the same range. Disc brakes are
standard along with front and rear suspension to maximize comfort and
handling, on the electric models you also get a digital dashboard to
keep you up to date with relevant data about your vehicle such as
average and top speed, battery percentage and more. Should you be on the
prowl for something of the kind the Buzzraw X sure is worth a serious

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