The Contra Van Kit
aims to assist its buyers in quickly getting their small van ready for
camping. Rather than having to break the bank to customize your van and
waiting for months to get it ready, this kit has all you?ll need to get
you going exploring the spots of your choice. The kit is made from CNC
machined wood and is comprised of a bed structure with a slated ceiling,
two large drawers with up to 600lbs of capacity that will slide out
through the rear doors, and that you may fill with kitchen utensils,
food, clothes, a burner stove, a large jug of fresh water and other gear
that you may need along your trip.  They also fit in LED dimming
lights, a slatted ceiling, power outlets, a ceiling fan, and wall panels
with cubbies. The road-trip ready campervan installation will be ready
in 2 weeks so it?s pretty fast and should you buy it, they?ll throw in
kitchen gear, a couple of chairs, a table, plus a sheet and pillow set.
Van life has never been this easy.

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