The SafeSound audio platform on the Coros Helmets
allows you to stream your favorite music while still being aware of the
trail, the sounds of the city, and the natural sounds of the world
around you. Enjoy music or take calls, earbud-free, without blocking out
the environment. The helmets use what is known as the Ear Opening Sound
System (EOSS), a couple of tiny water-resistant speakers that are
located on the straps just in front of each ear, that funnel sound into
the ear canal. This also leaves the ear canals open to hear important
sounds such as traffic noise, allowing you to privately listen to music
or take calls while remaining fully aware of your surroundings. Also
included is a handle-bar mounted smart remote, giving you complete
control over your audio and call functions. You can also switch between
modes on an LED tail light that is built into the helmet. The Coros
SafeSound Helmet is available in three styles, road, mountain, or urban.

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