Inferno Cocoon Hammock aims to give you the option of stretching out in your hammock even when you?re down to seriously cold temperatures. The guys at Sierra Madre used a special and effective nylon lining that acts as a thermal shield and enhances inside warmth. It consists of a TopQuilt and UnderQuilt that allow for heat to flow evenly while keeping the down insulation in place. It is also covered with a RDS 800 water repellant so rain and snow can?t get to you either. The inside also includes a specially sealed foot compartment for extra heat, and a fitted hood so you?re extremities will be taken good care of. It is like a super warm sleeping bag that goes inside your hammock, letting you sleep comfortably even in harsh conditions. Available in two different degree levels of cold, either a 30 or 0 degree ratings. watch the video below

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