iRig Micro Amp is a
new portable, simple and easy to use battery-powered guitar amplifier
with app connectivity and a decent enough power of 15W. This thing is
perfect for everything from a bedroom or desktop, to jamming with
friends or street busking. The USB connection allows you to connect an
iPhone/iPad directly or to a Mac/PC with the included Amplitube 4
software. Another cool feature of this item is the fact that you may get
it to go using only 6 AA batteries, which would cut your power in half
but that still would be enough to get your practice going with
reasonable power. It also gets you 3 different analog channels : Clean,
Drive and Lead with crisp, rich sound plus all the regular main controls
such as bass, treble and medium. It also gives you the chance to hook
up a regular player using a standard jack or set it up with your
headphones should you want to listen to yourself more discretely. Well
built and with a rugged look the iRig Micro Amp sure is worth a glance. watch the video below

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