Larry Alert is a
portable sized alarm system designed to keep your stuff in check for up
to 8 hours, so it?s not something you?d use permanently but rather on
certain occasions to keep your gear protected for a small amount of
time. The rugged device creates a protective shield around your stuff
using special ranged radar technology that will secure a certain area
defined by you from three different sizes, starting with a scooter, or a
pick up truck up to a small camp site. When the shield is broken, it
sends you an alert, it also features a camera that will send pictures to
your smartphone with the app that comes with it, it also has a built in
speaker that will enable you to speak through and a squeaking high
pitch alarm sound too. It?s rugged and built tough, within an elements
resistant box, easily mounted using a velcro or suction system to keep
an eye on things. It also features high range wireless technology and
will enable you to connect to it and receive the updates of its

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