The Paralenz Dive Camera is not just another adventure cam on the market… what sets this one apart from its most direct rivals? Well, for starters it?s a dive cam, so it?s specially designed to film underwater, in fact, it is the world?s first action camera developed for divers, by divers. It?s built tough, easy to setup, and easy to use so you may focus on your dive. It also features other important image solutions such as a proprietary software that automatically corrects color taking depth into account because it can film you up to 656 feet (200 meters) below surface. You may also consider it a smart device so you do get the mandatory app that enables your smartphone to keep track and manage the data about your dives. The battery within allows you to film up to 2 hours with 4K resolution and it?s also housing free. Paralenz is a great option if you?re keen on stepping up your diving game footage. watch the video below

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