American company Global Expedition Vehicles
(GXV) have introduced the mighty impressive Patagonia Expedition
Vehicle, a beastly camper that enables you to reach almost any place on
earth whilst being practically self sufficient on a number of
amenities. Made from insulated fiberglass-reinforced panels, the truck can be built on a variety of rugged chassis options, including Kenworth,
Mercedes, and Unimog. Designed for off-road adventurers, the monolith
features a fully-equipped kitchen, a full bathroom and queen-size bed, as
well as a dining table that converts to another sleeping area. A diesel
generator powers the aircon, solar panels on the roof provide
electricity, and powerpoints and USB outlets charge all your gizmos. The
off-road camper is also totally customizable with several extra options
available, including a front or rear winch, roof rack, Mastervolt
lithium-ion batteries, a double-burner induction cooktop, and a lot more.

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