The Piorama Adjustable Bag
grows with your needs, an item that is going to replace all your other
bags. What?s interesting and innovative about this bag is its cinch
system that can instantly expand or contract to fit exactly what you
need, grow it or collapse it into three different sizes (31l, 46.5l,
62l) for when you want to carry something, or simply as a compact ball
when you?re just carrying the bag and nothing else. Even though it has
this potential it?s still light enough to carry around with you, it also
features weather resistant DWR ripstop nylon and waterproof zippers.
Although it looks like a classic duffle its design enables you to carry
it like a backpack if needed. With a strong blue color used for lining
you?ll easily find whatever you?re looking for inside because of the
color contrast this inner fabric creates.
Available from Piorama, or grab one from Amazon

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