Meet Roadie 3,
the new and improved automatic instrument tuner that tunes your guitar
quickly and accurately! This is the ultimate guitarist?s tool, it helps
you find your sound fast with quicker rotation and enhanced accuracy to
keep your tunings consistently dead-on. Changing strings and tuning up
have got to be two of the most boring guitar-related tasks, Roadie tunes
your guitar automatically, and helps you unwind and wind your strings
quickly and hassle-free when they need changing – saving players a lot
of time and frustration. Offering faster tuning than ever before,
clocking in at a blazing 120RPM, the Roadie 3 works with an included
app, and lets you create your own custom tuning for your instrument,
then simply connect it to the tuning peg, and watch it perform the
tuning! watch the video below

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