The new Vermicular Cast Iron System
aims to combine ancient know-how with modern induction cooking
possibilities. The story behind this cooking system goes all the way
back to the mid 30s when the Hijikata family, the founders, created a
cast iron factory. The unique material has the potential to enhance
whatever you cook because of its ability to evenly disperse
temperature and preserve moisture, plus you may set it on an open fire
(mushikamado style) or in an oven and it will withstand the challenge
without burning the content. What the most recent Hijikata brothers Kuni
and Tomo did was add the possibility of giving it a modern twist with
its induction base that will enable its users to fine tune the
temperature. The induction energy is also ultra fast to heat it up
saving you time, and you may also use it in a classic way by getting it
in the oven.

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