We have featured some amazing retreats
over the last couple of years, but none as special as this dreamy
escape nestled amongst the dense pin oak forests of Long Island, New
York. The circular den was envisioned by Marchi Architects,
it is distributed over two levels, a ground and basement floor, and is
constructed from natural materials such as vertical wood slat cladding
and smooth concrete, respecting the essence of the landscape. The unique
house is accessed from the driveway leading to the basement garage or
from parking on the roof and descending into the house by one of the
glass circular light wells. There is also a centralized courtyard space
that is entirely glazed, obscuring the boundary between the interior
living space and the hidden central space, plus a large swimming pool
projecting towards the tree line, and accommodation for 3-5 bedrooms and
multiple entertaining spaces.

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