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Beat Name: Apollo – CHIPS

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Lease of instrumentals for one commercial use in MP3 format. Distribution is limited to 2500 copies. Apollo retains complete legal rights for leased instrumentals. Producer credit must be given at all times.

Exclusive purchase of instrumentals for unlimited commercial/profitable use with unlimited distribution. Apollo and “Artist” split mechanical royalties (publishing rights) 50/50. Apollo must be given credit at all times. Instrumental sent in WAV *AND* Zip Loop format.

God Level Music 2016.

1. Dedication
2. Smell Like Money (feat. Lil Wayne)
3. Bounce (feat. Lil Wayne)
4. Gotta Lotta (feat. Lil Wayne)
5. MFN Right
6. Blue C-Note (feat. Lil Wayne)
7. Not Invited
8. Bentley Truck (feat. Lil Wayne)
9. 100 Joints
10. Rolls Royce Weather Every Day (feat. Lil Wayne)
11. What Happened (feat. Lil Wayne)
12. Section (feat. Lil Wayne)
13. Watch Out

2 Chainz Type Beat
Lil Wayne Type Beat