Tel Aviv-based label ADISH is back following its collaboration with Berlin’s Voo Store with a new collection for Spring/Summer 2019. Titled “Area A,” the collection is inspired by the Palestinian taxi drivers of the West Bank. The collection’s name is taken from the area of the West Bank controlled by the Palestinian Authority.

Similarly to previous collections, Spring/Summer 2019 sees ADISH focus on the political situation in Israel and Palestine, with the clothes worn by taxi drivers described as their “own sartorial expression of a survival battle.” Taking influence from that “totally nondescript” way of dressing, the collection features classic pieces including long sleeves, hoodies and denim jackets. Motifs throughout the collection include traditional embroidery and a “VIP” graphic — a nod to the special status of people boring in “Area C.”

In other fashion news, Acne Studios has launched a new special edition T-shirt capsule.

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