Expanding on its ever growing line of accessories, OG streetwear favorites BAPE is ready to unveil it latest drop, a set of Ape Head-shaped earrings. Cut and crafted into BAPE’s signature, ubiquitous Ape head logo, the piercings are a perfect way for devoted fans of the brand to show their love on a smaller, yet not so subtle, scale. For those without piercings, the earrings can be worn on bag straps and clothes like a pin. To keep them safe, the piercings come packaged in a special black pouch decorated with a “A Bathing Ape” motif.

Look for BAPE’s Ape Head piercings to hit BAPE retailers and online this Saturday, July 7. For more BAPE accessories, check out the ABC CAMO Place Mat and Coaster set. A matching ring will also be released with the earrings this Saturday. Take a look below.

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