Acclaimed duo Cassius haven’t made much noise since the release of their last studio album over a decade ago, but are back with massive new single entitled “Action.” For their song, Cassius look to Beastie Boy Mike D and Cat Power, two big-name artists who Cassius’ Philippe Zdar previously worked with as a producer and mixer. Elaborating on the process behind the track, Mike D tells Pitchfork:

“I did bring a couple bottles of wine to the studio,” Mike D said. “And then started writing my part and went from there.” He added: “The song came with this world liberation theme and then I came with a modern-day relationship theme, and somehow the two went together. It’s kind of like toast and Vegemite go together only in Australia.”

Mike D also tells Pitchfork that believes the track is “in a sense capturing that era of a Compass Point record that gets played in the Loft in New York City, but today.”  You can stream “Action” below.

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