Already one of the most influential artists in rap and the SoundCloud underground, Bones shows no signs of slowing down. After spending years amassing a wealth of forward-thinking, creative material, the TeamSESH rapper continues to feed his fan base with new releases. This time around, we’re being treated to another lo-fi visual.

Linking up with videographer Tyrus Creek, Bones serves up the official “MissingProjectFiles” video. The track was produced by Vegard Veslelia, another one of Bones and Tyrus Creek’s talented SESH cohorts.

You can check out the video for Bones’ “MissingProjectFiles” above.

Besides the aforementioned vignette, Bones also recently teamed up with close SESH collaborator Curtis Heron for an impressive new joint project, PermanentFrown. Made up of six new songs PermanentFrown is available for streaming below.

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