A month back, Death Grips dropped a new song in support of their forthcoming album Bottomless Pit. A few days ago, they dropped a beyond-ambitious, expansive video, “Interview 2016.” Now, they’re ending this week by further detailing the record. Taking to Twitter, Death Grips reveal:

They have also released the tracklist for Bottomless Pit, which you can check out below. All we need now is that release date.

Death Grips – Bottomless Pit (Tracklist)
01 “Giving Bad People Good Ideas”
02 “Hot Head”
03 “Spikes”
04 “Warping”
05 “Eh”
06 “Bubbles”
07 “Trash”
08 “Houdini”
09 “BB Poison”
10 “Three Bedrooms In A Good Neighborhood”
11 “Ring A Bell”
12 “8080808”
13 “Bottomless Pit”

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