Japanese tastemakers DISCOVERED debuted its Spring/Summer 2018 collection, “Nu-Gazer” as part of Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO. The brand sent a variety of progressive designs down the runway, including T-shirts printed with the DHL logo.

Designers Kimura Tatsuya and Sanae Yoshida referenced ’90s fashion and grunge music with oversized layers, retro graphics and a unique show structure — the collection was divided into two halves, to reference two distinct sides of shoegaze. The first half of the show referenced the shoegaze’s dreamlike qualities with light colors and the latter half paid homage to the genre’s heavy distortion with a darker color palette and edgier prints. In general, the collection focused on heavy color blocking, pattern mash-ups and playful branding — DHL branding was printed on fringe-hemmed T-shirts, as was a nod to plastic take-out bags: “NO THANK YOU,” and a Ford logo revised to say “FUCK.”

The DHL T-shirt was a reference to DISCOVERED winning the 11th DHL Design Award, meant to encourage Japanese designers to build up their international business. Still, this marks the second recent time that the delivery company has entered the world of runway fashion, as Vetements has announced an official collaboration for its Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

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