Not long ago, DMX starred in an intimate video teasing Engineered Garments and Timberland‘s latest collaboration. This time around,  official photos of the legendary New York rapper clad in EG’s utilitarian Workaday line alongside the partnered footwear models have surfaced. DMX rocks the duo’s 3-hole lug silhouette in two distinct color options: navy blue and classic tan. Both pairs were crafted out of premium suede and nubuck textiles.

Accompanying the imagery is an extended campaign video with DMX relaying personal takeaways from his career as a rapper. “No one has had their first five albums debut in number one, ever. The whole industry is different, different times. I wouldn’t change a thing,” said DMX. “If I maybe look a little longer at certain things, you know, smile a little more. Everything I’ve been through got me to where I’m at and it made me who I am.”

Check out the photos above and then watch the clip below. Fans can grab a pair of the EG x Timberland releasing at Nepenthes NY and Nepenthes Japan on November 10th.

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