NEW 2016: Drake (feat. G-Eazy) – Off and On. This is a Views From the 6 type beat, intended to sound like a track that these artists would release. Any Drake Type Beat or Views From The 6 Type Beat released by Varsity Beats uses no samples from any songs. Listen in HD. If you use my beat, please label in the song title (Prod. Varsity Beats) and send me an email with the final MP3 saying that you used it.

Twitter: @varsity_beats
Email: [email protected]

If you use this beat for your mixtape, please label IN THE SONG TITLE (Prod. Varsity Beats) to give credit for this production. If you do not give credit or you use this beat for for-profit use, your track/video will be reported for copyright infringement and taken off the internet.

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