24-year-old LA-based rapper and producer Vritra (previously known as Pyramid Vritra), takes this time to announce his debut album, Yellowing. Dropping on July 22 via NRK, the LP will incorporating genres like drum and bass, jungle, hip-hop, jazz and other forms of electronic music — every track is also produced by himself. Today, the man also known as Hal Williams is unveiling the first album single, “Question & Demand,” a follow-up of the track “On The 4” from his PV3 EP. Vitra shares with us via email:

The track is actually an extension of the track “On The 4” from the PV3 EP. I stripped down the session and rebuilt the track and it ended up as “Question”. It was partially a response to this falsely aggressive image male rappers and just men in general use to seem more and more now a days. It’s either you “bout it” or you not. Too many people get caught up in the game thinking that they have to play into that and be a certain way. On the flip side of that, like most of the album, it’s about the decreasing of privacy and increasing of surveillance in this world. “Demand” is about false successes and peer pressure.

Listen to the track below and stay tuned for more news and music from Vritra and his upcoming debut album.

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