SebastiAn was one of the few names that appeared in the credits of both of Frank Ocean’s recent offerings, the Endless visual album and his “third” full-length opus Blonde. The French producer is credited with “programming” on two songs—“Rushes” and “Higgs”—and with “additional programming” on a third, “Slide on Me.” While song-by-song credits for Blonde have not yet been revealed, the narrator on the track “Facebook Story” has widely been speculated to be his. He how has opened up regarding this matter in an email conversation with Pitchfork. Read excerpts of the edited interview below and head over here for the entire piece.

Is that really you on “Facebook Story”?

SebastiAn: Yes, it’s me and it’s a true story. We were just chatting about life and relationships in general. I discovered that Frank was recording the conversations sometimes when something seemed interesting to him, but I didn’t know when and why exactly. We were just having discussions like anyone else, but he suddenly paid attention at this story. He maybe chose that one because this kind of story reveals something about our time. He maybe has another point of view.

Did you work on anything else from Blonde?

Considering that somebody in particular did something on this album is kind of out of the general concept. To me, Frank conceptualized the process of the album as you build an incredible building. He was the architect and everybody was working with him to make it happen. The concept was more about focusing into the result, not about who did what. It’s personal, but I felt that everybody was here for the project, for the music, the energy, not especially for themselves. There’s no real manual to explain how the record was built.

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