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Im still livin, still surivin doing what i gotta do
reminisce about the crazy shit i did to make it thru
too, see another day so i can just eat another plate
So ,i can- someday just pay her bills and put a big smile on mommas face

im still praying and praying on my knees for better days
lookin up just at the sky, asking god for any change

i keep it pushin, and im falling gotta make it to the finish
gotta keep movin ,time is tickin gotta stay focused top precision

i remain, i sustained, through the struggle i maintain
so much pain up in this song i spill it like a open vein
all we had was only names, all we could was only pray
we was starving every night so i went and got a plate

i got my black hoodie on black on black pistol on me
if you getting in my way yeah best believe i’ll take it homie
Gotta go get it to survive, be, killed or stay alive
gotta go get it,time is tickin,gotta keep pushin like im benching listen