One step inside Meguru Yamaguchi’s New York City studio in the Bronx and you are immediately immersed in a world of unruly brushstrokes. A howitzer of sketches, paintings and sculptures cram the Japanese artist’s creative space. Amidst the painterly chaos, there’s a beautiful (controlled) disorder to Yamaguchi’s unconventional artworks.

Yamaguchi calls his signature technique “Cut & Paste.” The unique method involves splattering paints on plastic sheets, drying the paint and then placing the entire piece onto a three-dimensional surface which is pre-cut with a laser cutting machine. His montage of brushstrokes appears as if they are protruding from the surface.

The artist was initially inspired by the works of the legendary post-impressionist artist, Vincent Van Gogh. He was exceptionally fond of Van Gogh’s “paintings with the accumulation of brushstrokes.” Furthermore, his unique artwork pays homage to the Japanese Gutai movement of the 1950’s. Founder of the movement, Kazuo Shiraga, was known to create artworks with his feet to elevate the possibilities of painting, gesture and form as a whole.

Aside from traditional techniques, Yamaguchi stresses the importance of using digital mediums to create artworks. “I think it’s important to use the current technology as well as the old techniques. Since I was born in this generation, why not use the technology and make something that couldn’t have been done before?”

Get a closer look at Meguru Yamaguchi‘s unique process above and follow him on Instagram to stay updated on new works.

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