With BROCKHAMPTON’s second project of the year, Saturation II, set to release later this month, frontman Kevin Abstract took to Instagram to reveal a new slate of BROCKHAMPTON merchandise. Featuring an assortment of different short sleeved and long sleeved tees, some of the collection’s designs include simple BROCKHAMPTON branding while others feature graphics captioned with lyrics from BROCKHAMPTON’s last album Saturation, such as “We’ll break your neck so you can’t watch your back” from the track “HEAT.” The collection also sees a black hat with the text “SATURATION” printed across it as well as a pair of athletic shorts with the branding printed in a smaller font.

Abstract captioned the photo with a simple “Monday,” so we can expect to see the new merchandise hit BROCKHAMPTON’s official website after the weekend. If you’re unfamiliar with BROCKHAMPTON’s music, check out “Swamp” and “Gummy,” two tracks that were released by the group earlier this month.

monday @brckhmptn

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