With the sad news of Lil Peep  untimely passing having broken back in mid-November, fans — as well as friends, family and fellow musicians — have spent the intervening weeks paying tribute to the 21-year-old artist. Having released Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 1 in August, however, Peep’s fans were also naturally disappointed that they might never get to hear a possible Part 2.

Now, however, smokeasac — who worked with Peep on tracks like ”Benz Truck,” “Hellboy,” and “Awful Things” — has hinted that posthumous new music may actually be on the way. Taking to social media, the producer tweeted simply “come over when you’re sober part 2,” appearing to suggest that the much-hoped-for follow-up was ready and waiting,  followed by the clarification that “it will come out when the time is right. When peeps family approves. just know it exists. be patient for Gus. #lilpeepforever.”

While there’s no confirmed release date for previously unheard Lil Peep music yet, keep checking back here for updates — we’ll post the details as soon as we have them. And, while you’re waiting, you can read about what made Peep such an icon for Millennial style.

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